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Desire to write

Intrinsic motivation

By creating scenes, the student sees his story emerge as if by magic. Ideas spring forth, and facilitate transposition into writing.

Thanks to its unique interface, students can graphically represent their ideas. This mode of creation reduces apprehension and facilitates the writing process.

Troubadour allows students to discover the pleasure of writing, and perfect their skills.

Writing becomes a means of creative expression, and allows the students' voices to emerge.

Thousands of characters, objects and settings to instill the pleasure of writing in young authors!

“With all the characters, ideas come quickly”

- Student of École du Préambule, Québec, Canada

87% of teachers using the game notice a positive effect on student motivation in writing!

“Children want to use the platform. These were periods of writing where the students were calm and engaged.”

- Amélie Beaulieu, École du Préambule, Québec, Canada