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Troubadour: writing to learn

Learning to write is an adventure in itself.

Troubadour offers an online educational platform designed to help elementary school students improve their writing skills.

  • Promotes
    idea generation
    for writing
  • For students
    ages 8 to 12
  • A simple website,
    accessible from
  • Adapts to the needs
    of students
    and teachers

Want to play?

The educational applications of Nanomonx have been designed to be used on a tablet or a computer.

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Helps students improve their writing skills

  • Offers content specific to the school program.
  • Supports the learner with teacher feedback.
  • Allows correction directly on the platform.
  • Offers the possibility to create exercises to meet students’ needs.

To spark ideas!

  • Makes writing assignments fun!
  • Allows students to turn their ideas into images.
  • Offers the possibility to work on all kinds of writing concepts.
Try the demo
You can now try our new platform Troubadour from two different perspectives!

Build a story as a student or give feedback to a sample student with an overview of our correction tools.